The Numbers

It’s a Little Known Fact That Kids Who Drink...

Five Alcohol-Related Lessons That Kids Should Know

They’re Out There

Truth or Myth

The number of alcohol-related driving fatalities in Connecticut in 2009

They’re Out There

More traffic stops. More check points. More technologically advanced equipment. More arrests.

Don't believe it? The police are serious about stopping drunk drivers, and they’re out to prove it, with increased presence and patrols on the road. Some you’ll see, most you won’t—but don’t worry, they’ll see you.

They are out there

Our law enforcement officers have more advanced training and state-of-the-art detection equipment on their side. They’re even using on-scene videotaping—talk about a reality show.

If they catch you driving drunk, you’ll lose your freedom before you ever go to jail. You’ll lose your license, your car, your self-respect. And whether you spend six months to a year in jail, or just a single night, your life will be changed forever.

And that’s a promise.


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