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New Cars Could Have Option for Alcohol Detection Devices

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New Cars Could Have Option for Alcohol Detection Devices

Alcohol Detection DevicesAccording to an article in USA Today, on March 27, 2011, Alcohol detection devices could be an option on new cars.

"Proposed federal funding for alcohol-detection devices could make them available as a new care option within 10 years, but some hope – and others fret – it will speed installation in every car.

Legislation sponsored by Senators Tom Udall-D New Mexico and Bob Corker-R Tennessee, would redirect $60 million in highway safety money over five years to a government-industry research project developing a prototype alcohol-detection device for cars."

If you operate a motor vehicle under the .08 legal limit, the driver will not even know that the device is in the vehicle. The two technologies being considered would use sensors that detect alcohol when the driver touches a button to start the vehicle or would gauge the alcohol on the driver’s breath by testing the air.

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