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The number of alcohol-related driving fatalities in Connecticut this month

The Designated Driver

Everyone thinks a drunk driving crash or arrest will never happen to them, but look at the odds… it has to happen to someone right? Why not you or your friends?

Face it; life is short enough without taking dumb risks like that.

So take turns being the DD. When it’s your turn, take the job seriously and be good at it. Hey, when it’s not your turn, you can relax, knowing your DD will take as good care of you as you did of them.

  • Always designate a non-drinking driver ahead of time. Choosing someone after the fact is wrong, irresponsible and, well, stupid.
  • The designated driver has one responsibility… not drinking alcohol. Doesn’t that sound simple? It doesn’t mean having fewer drinks than everyone else. It means no alcohol. The BAC of the DD should be zero
  • Many bars offer free soda and non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers, so let the bartender know.


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